Harry Potter Key Holder Hogwarts Keychain Harry Potter Accessories - Harry Potter Keychain Hogwarts Accessories

  • $20.00

You don't need a magic wand to 'Accio!' your keys! The Harry Potter key holder and Hogwarts keychain is a perfectly magical way to store your keys in a safe place where you can easily retrieve them before your next outing. The Harry Potter keychain is made of zinc alloy and has two, durable magnetic plates inside of the keychain and the wall plate that are so durable, you'll need a strong un-sticking spell to knock your keys off! The Hogwarts accessory features a beautifull detailed Hogwarts crest on both the keychain and the wall mount, with the keychain having color blocked sections depicting each Hogwarts House. You won't find a more appropriate Harry Potter accessory for someone who always needs a Rememberall to find their keys!