About Us

Welcome to Garrison City Toy Works, and thank you for visiting us! 

Garrison City stems from the nickname given to our hometown of Dover, NH. Settlers, in the 1600's, initially built fortified log houses called garrisons, inspiring Dover's nickname "The Garrison City." As a child I can remember using Lincoln Logs to reproduce a Garrison House to use as a base for my toy garrison. How will you build your Garrison?
We know you have lots of choices for purchasing your toys, action figures & trading card games across the internet! Therefore, We promise to work relentlessly to bring you an easy to navigate, 100% safe & secure, on-line store experience. 

Our online store has been steadily growing as we progress on our goal to become the industry leader in collectibles and toys. 
One of our childhood hobbies was collecting action figures and other collectibles. Why not do that as Adults? So, We started this store as a means to supply the very best in action figures and collectibles to rest of the world. We began to research means of sourcing new exciting toys to sell online. What we quickly found out is it is very hard to make relationships with manufacturers. Being the little guy it is hard to even open an account. Passion, persistence, and dedication for the industry has helped us get these doors open to start what you see today.

At Garrison City Toy Works we believe in two things.
  • Building a pleasant process for our most important asset, our customers. 
  • Supply high quality exciting products at a great price.
Our online store is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 

Thank you again for visiting and we hope you enjoy our selection.