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Donald Schrempf

You Get A Funko Pop For That!

You will no doubt have noticed that here at Garrison City Toy Works we love Funko Pops! As a matter of fact, our Funko Pop Shop is one of the most popular sections of the site. We feel that a huge reason for this is the incredibly diverse range of Funko Pop figures that are out there. If you told us you got a Funko Pop figure of a certain character we would 99/100 believe you.


From Pennywise To Winnie The Pooh

If you take just three seconds to look at our Funko Pop Store one of the first things that you notice is just how crazy the selection of characters are. Funko has no limits on the kind of characters and properties they work with which is a huge reason as to why they have been so successful. You can get cute characters like Winnie The Pooh and his buddies from the new Christopher Robin movie and you can have them right next to Pennywise The Clown from IT!

Funko even makes sure weird characters. While at first glance our Funko Pop Shop looks relatively “normal” hardcore Funko Pop collectors know that this line has some really odd stuff such as figures of cereal mascots, the British royal family and many more.


Every Movie Has A Pop Figure

Ok, so not every movie that ever comes out has a Pop figure. But if you look at the Funko Pop Coming Soon section on their own site, you can clearly see that most of the major upcoming movies have a series of Pop figures to go with them. Venom, Aquaman, Wreck It Ralph and many more.


Affordable Fun

Action figures these days can be a little bit expensive and for some people paying 20 bucks or more for a Darth Vader, Thanos or whatever is out of the question. Funko Pops though are always sold at a much lower and wallet friendly price point. We have heard from people that a huge reason they love our Funko Pop Store is that the prices are very consumer friendly. Those who want a figure of their favorite character do not have to worry about spending over 20 bucks when they get a Funko Pop.


A Very Cool Style

Funko Pop figures have a very unique style and it is this style that allows collectors to buy all kinds of random figures and then stand them together. Normally if you had Iron Man, Tigger, Pennywise and one of the Golden Girls standing next to each other it would look super weird! Not with Funko Pops! There really cool and fun style means that you can mix all kinds of random characters together and make it work. Incredibly when Funko first released the Pop line some hardcore Funko fans were not keen on the move away from bobbleheads.


If you love Funko as much as we do we highly recommend that you check out our Funko Pop Store where we always have new Funko Pop coming soon. Actually we have some really cool ones up for pre-order right now so be sure to check them out. We want to be your Funko Pop Shop.

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