Why The Star Wars The Black Series Shows No Sign Of Slowing Down

Donald Schrempf

Why The Star Wars The Black Series Shows No Sign Of Slowing Down

If you love Star Wars and collect Star Wars action figures then no doubt you have many Star Wars action figures Black Series in your collection. We love this line here at Garrison City Toy Works and as new Star Wars Black Series action figures are released we will be looking to add them to our selection. This line has been the main Star Wars line for quite some time now and it shows no signs of slowing down.


Different From The Rest

The Star Wars line had seen six inch figures in the past, but many of us think of the smaller scale Star Wars figures. The Star Wars figures Black Series was all about taking the line to that six inch scale and making it the main line in the galaxy… or at least the toy store.


Lots Of Figures In A Short Time

Star Wars fans are used to the same characters being released time and time again. Actually, if we did a quick survey round the Garrison Toy Works office, we would bet that most of us have multiple Luke’s, Hans and Vader’s! The first series was stacked and featured 14 figures that were spread across 4 waves. Many fans liked how the first series had a good mix of prequel and original trilogy figures.


The Collector Mentality

One of the things that has made the Star Wars action figures Black Series so popular is not just the detail that Hasbro has been doing on the figures. It is the packaging. There is just something so very cool about the packaging for the Black Series. It looks fantastic sitting on a shelf and Hasbro have put numbers on the side of each box. This makes them easier to find when you are out in the wild. However, it also means that us collectors with OCD find it harder to skip a figure as it is much more noticeable! 


Deluxe Figures Are Awesome

One of the most impressive things that Hasbro has done with this line is the deluxe figures. These usually contain some kind of vehicle and a figure. The Dewback with Sandtrooper is one that is in particular very impressive. These run at a much higher price point, but some of these have become very, very rare on the secondary market.


The Force Awakens Awakened A Lot Of People

The Black Series that was released to coincide with The Force Awakens was a huge success and since then when a new Star Wars movie has been released the Black Series has had a major focus on it. Rogue One, The Last Jedi and Han Solo have all had Black Series dedicated to them. However, it was The Force Awakens set that really flew off shelves and kick started many people’s Star Wars collections once again.


Anniversary Line Is Amazing

While some may argue that this is not part of the Black Series. Hasbro did re-release some figures on retro inspired packaging as part of the 40th Anniversary line. These look so cool and they really did a fantastic job in capturing that old school Kenner packaging. These were very popular and seeing a Kenner style packaging in the 6 inch style was something many Star Wars fans thought they would never see.



While some may be hoping for a new series of Star Wars figures to start soon. We feel that the Star Wars Black Series action figures is going to be here as the main Star Wars line for quite some time. There will always be sublines, a 3/34 line a retro inspired line. However, for the foreseeable future, it does appear that Hasbro is all in with the Black Series.

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