Top 10 Best Kids Halloween Costumes for 2019

Donald Schrempf


Searching for the perfect costume for your little princess or zombie is always a chore. Sometimes they have a particular costume in mind but sometimes it can be a chore to search for the perfect idea for the best trick or treat costume. At Garrison City Toy Works we have compiled a list of the best 10 costumes for 2019 that are sure to scare up some excitement. 

Why should you trust us? We speak from experience considering we have raised five children of our own and we know all the trends in movies, toys and games. Our little spooksters searched everywhere to find the perfect costume every year sometimes multiple times per year for trick or treat or costume parties. 

 #1 Miles Morales Spider-man - On the heels of the very successful Spider-man into the Spider-verse we present the Miles Morales spider-man costume. This one is sure to be a hit with the Spider-man fans. 

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#2 Cat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug Cat Noir -  Adrien, a normal teen, transforms into  Cat Noir when an evil threatens her city. A super popular series will make this a hit with the Miraculous super fan.

Cat Noir isn't the only Disney costume available in 2019, Become your favorite Disney character in a Disney costume. There are just too many to mention.


#3 Pirate Costume - Arrrgh, the ever classic pirate costume. This classic is a perennial hit with the little swashbucklers that are ready to find their buried treasure. 

Pirate Costume

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#4 The Cute Little Witch Costume - Dazzling in pink and cute as a button. Another perennial favorite is sure to cross off your little ones Halloween costume list.

Kids Halloween Cute Little Witch

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#5 Deluxe Ninja Costume - 7 Pieces Total Boys Ninja Costume with abs Muscles for Kids, includes Jumpsuit with Attached Hood, Face Mask, Belt, Gloves, 2 Throwing Stars and 2 Ninja Daggers!!!

Ninja Costume

#6 Frozen Princess Elsa Deluxe Set - The Ice Queen inspired by Disney's Frozen still hits the top of the list. With the pending release of Frozen 2 Elsa is sure to be a popular pick.

Frozen Princess Elsa Costume

There are many variations of Elsa costumes, Olof, as well as Ana costumes available for the Frozen fan. 

#7 PJ Masks Gekko - The popular show PJ Masks follows the thrilling night time exploits of three young friends who transform into their dynamic super hero alter egos, Cat boy, Owlette and Gekko. 

PJ Masks Gekko

The PJ Masks Halloween Costume Collection is available here. 

#8 The Incredible's Violet Costume - The Incredible's own invisible girl is sure to be gracing the streets this Halloween fighting crime. The Disney classic girl power superhero shines with this comfortable costume just watch out she can disappear whenever she wants. 

The Incredibles Violet Costume

#9 Fortnite Skull Trooper CostumeIf your child wants to take on Halloween in style, then they'll love suiting up in this officially licensed Skull Trooper costume! This super rare Fortnite costume is the perfect choice for any gamer!

Fortnite Skull Trooper Costume

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#10 Cinderella Costume - Be your little ones fairy god mother and dress her up in the ultimate princess costume inspired by Disney's Cinderella.

Disney Cinderella Costume

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Still haven't found that perfect costume? The possibilities are endless. What does your child enjoy? Maybe its the toys or games that they play with. Or maybe its a movie they seem to love or the video game they play. Either way you can find endless amounts of options at amazon for inspiration. Here is a link of the most popular costumes on amazon today, happy shopping.  One year we simply printed out the sun maid raisin logo taped it on a trash bag, cut out holes for head and arms and went as a raisin. These costumes were a huge hit. People stopped to comment how great our simple almost free costumes were.

What is your little spookster going as this year? We would love to hear! Please comment below.

Best wishes and Happy Halloween. 







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