Top 10 Women's Halloween Costume Ideas For Halloween 2019

Donald Schrempf

This Halloween, make sure you stay on trend with all the hottest and most popular Halloween costume ideas! Brand new 2019 costumes based on your favorite pop culture events and movies from this year including NASA astronauts, llamas, the Avengers, sloths, Game of Thrones, and even the Descendants 3 costumes are all trending but what are the hot costumes for 2019? 

We have gathered the womens halloween costume ideas and searched trends for 2019 based on google searches early on in this season. Whether you are going for the sexy or the cute our top 10 list is sure to give you some great ideas for your Halloween 2019.

Poison Ivy from the Batman Universe. She can control any plant and make perfumes from her gardens that can seduce any man to do her bidding. 

The Hippie has been a staple and a classic since the hippies burst on to the scene in the 60's. Always a great costume idea for any Halloween. 

Maleficent in the styling of Angelina Jolie. Touch of evil for your Halloween 2019.

Meow, the cheetah costume blends cute with sexy. Sure to show off your curves and catch the attention of anyone in the room. 

Bat-girl has been a staple for many years. This costume is sure to bring out the inner cosplay for Halloween 2019. 

Maybe you want to get a little spooky. Think the woman in black. A touch of the horror in a sexy all black dress.

The bar maid. Pour me a pint and get to partying. Our pick for the party costume for 2019.

Maybe your going for cute this year. The bumblebee is a sure bet. 

 Channel Pocahontas in this native princess costume complete with with fringe accents, belt with leaf ties, leaf arm band, and matching headband.

Cast a spell on men's hearts this Halloween dressed as a Bewitching Beauty!
Includes a black velvet gown, form-fitting bodice, and a loose trumpet skirt.
Comes complete with witch hat, thick belt and a sheer jacket w/ black cuffs.

As you can see there is something for everyone. If you are still struggling for to find the perfect costume we recommend searching for what interests you. Whether a recent movie or celebrity that may interest you. For more costume ideas check out the link below. HalloweenCostumes has a huge offering with many different costumes and accessories. You are sure to find you perfect choice. Happy Halloween!

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