Tips For Starting A Funko Pop Collection

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Tips For Starting A Funko Pop Collection


Here at Garrison City Toy Works, we have been collecting Funko Pop vinyl figures for a long time and we can sometimes take that for granted. While we are always looking at the latest Funko Pop catalog to check out the Funko Pop coming soon section. There are many good folks just getting started with their Funko collections or they are buying a friend or family member their first Funko Pop figure.

Today we are giving you some ideas on how you can start or help someone else start their Funko Pop collection.


Get What You/They Like

When you look at the insane amount of Funko Pop figures that are out there it can be a little daunting to know where to start. The best advice we can give you for starting your collecting is to go with what you know and love. For example, we have a large selection of Marvel Funko Pop figures. So if you like Marvel go for that, if you like Disney go for that. Pick a franchise you like and then a character you like. This is a great way to dip your toe into the world of Funko Pop collecting.


Do Not Hang Around!

If you look at our Funko Pop Catalog you will notice that Funko Pop Vinyl figures come in and out of stock all of the time. The thing with this is sometimes Funko will release a figure and that figure will not get produced again! We are not just talking obvious things like chase and store exclusive figures. Sometimes a character, like Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob. A character you may think will be readily available, becomes rare because Funko did not make a ton of them. So if you see a Funko you like in a Funko Pop coming soon section do not hesitate, get it before it goes out of stock and becomes rare.


Funko Collecting Can Be Cheap

If you look at our Funko Pop Shop you will notice that you can get some awesome figures for under 15 bucks! We are talking about popular characters like Deadpool and characters from Star Wars. Funko Pop collecting can be a very affordable way for a person to collect some of their favorite characters from all kinds of franchises.


Keep Those Boxes If You Have Space

One of the things that we love about collecting Funko Pops is how collector friendly they are. You can easily open a Funko Pop box without damaging it. When you start your collecting you may be thinking that you are a loose collector. This is great, but do not throw away the box right away. Carefully take it out of the box and if you have space, store the box. You never know if you get hardcore into collecting you may wish you kept your first few figures boxed. Having the box in storage lets you put it back in there.


Collecting Funko Pop Vinyl figures is a lot of fun and something all of us here really enjoy. We know how addicting it can be checking all the different Funko Pop coming soon sites there are and wondering what is next for your own personal Funko Pop catalog. Above all else, the best piece of advice we can give you is to just have fun with it after all fun is in the name Funko!



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