Thunder Cats Ho! Funko Pop Releases New Thundercat Figures in time for Christmas 2019!

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Thundercats Toys

Funko POP keeps the hits rolling from the 80's. The Thundercats were originally screened on animated television from 1985 through 1989 in America. Did you know that Thundercats were originally animated in Japan using american voice actors? Although the series ended in 1989 a reboot was launched with 26 episodes airing in 2011 including a recent announcement for a third reboot to air in 2019. Go Thundercats go!

The Thundercats were a big hit in the 80's exploding onto the comic scene with the Thundercats comic book series, launching a Thundercats clothing line, figurines as well as video game called The Lost Eye of Thundera. 

Funko POP has revitalized these 80's pop culture icons with the latest round of figurines. The Series 2 release includes Cheetara, Tygra, Monkian, and Jackalman. Series 1 was released to resounding success see the series 1 collection here.

Funko Savage World: Thundercats - Cheetara

Thundercats Funko POP

ThunderCats Tygra Savage World 5-Inch Action Figure

ThunderCats Jackalman Savage World 5-Inch Action Figure

Thundercats Funko POP

ThunderCats Monkian Savage World 5-Inch Action Figure

Thundercats Funko POP

We at Garrison City are very excited to collect all the Thundercat figurines in the series. There are many other thundercat related items on the market today that can get a Thundercats fan excited. Toys, Games, and apparel to mention a few. We compiled a search list of some of the best items available today that will get the attention of the Eye of Thundera. Check them out following the link below:

Thundercats Merchandise

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