The Injustice Of the DC Comics Multiverse Collection

Donald Schrempf

The Injustice Of the DC Comics Multiverse Collection

When it comes to comic book figures there is no denying that the number one line is Marvel Legends. However, here at Garrison City Toy Works, we are also huge DC fans and that is why we are working super hard to bring you more new and exciting figures based on your favorite DC Comics Characters.

One of the more frustrating things about the incredible DC Comics Multiverse line of action figures is that not enough people know about them. Yet these are some of the coolest and most affordable DC collectibles on the market right now.


The Line Is Young

The DC Comics Multiverse collection is actually a relatively young line of action figures. Before each DC property would have its own line of action figures and for the most part fans were happy. However, when Hasbro relaunched the Marvel Legends line many wanted something similar from DC. Well, Mattel listened and since 2016, the DC Comics Multiverse series has been the best way for DC fans to build a large collection of their favorite and obscure characters.


BAF From Day One

The Marvel Legends line is known for its very elaborate build a figure. Well like Marvel some DC comics characters are far too large to be released as a standalone figure. As a result, Mattel decided to go the build a figure route. Justice Buster, Clayface, Doomsday and King Shark are some of the fantastic BAF’s that have been part of this series.


Something For Everyone

DC has their fingers in a lot of pies these days. There is, of course, the comic books, but there is also their movies, TV shows, animated series, video games and of course their vast history. This line aims to bring that all together and so far it has worked very well. Some lines will not have an overall theme (apart from the BAF) and may include a comic book figure, a TV figure and one from a movie. However, Mattel has also released waves of this line that are focused on a particular series. The DC movie universe has gotten entire series dedicated to Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.


They Are Going Back To The Past

One of the coolest thing about this line and one of the things that makes the DC Comics Multiverse Collection one of the hottest DC collectibles is the way Mattel is going back to the past. They are making series that are dedicated to some of the older DC movie properties. For example, they have a Michael Keaton Batman and a Christopher Reeve Superman! These things are awesome and hopefully just the tip of the iceberg for how far Mattel is going to take this. These figures have character photos from the movies and even use the artwork for the logo which is really cool.


Here at Garrison City Toy Works, we are often surprised at how the DC Comics Multiverse Collection has not quite taken off like the Marvel Legends line has. Still, if you want to build a great selection of DC Comics Characters at an affordable price this is the line to do it! Plus if you love to mix your Marvel with your DC, these look great with Marvel Legends!



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