The Best Retro Funko Pop Figures

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The Best Retro Funko Pop Figures

 Here at Garrison City Toy Works, we love all things 80’s. The 80’s is one of the best decades when it comes to pop culture and the 80’s is very well represented in our Funko Pop Store. We wanted to have a little bit of fun today by looking at some of our favorite 80’s era Pop figures in our Funko Pop shop.

 Tenderheart Bear

Care Bears

Our selection of Care Bears Funko Pop figures have been a huge hit and we know that on many Funko Pop coming soon lists there are more Care Bears due real soon. For the meantime though we felt that the lovely, Tenderheart Bear needed to be on our list today. He, of course, has his heart on his tummy, but what we really like about Tenderheart Bear is how he is holding cute little star which makes him really stand out.


Seymour with Audrey II

Little Shop of Horrors

If you ask us one of if not the best musical of the 80’s was the epic, Little Shop of Horrors. We have noticed a lot of people looking at our Funko Pop Store, Little Shop of Horrors figures. Especially Seymour with Audrey II. How can you not love this figure? You get the two most iconic characters (do not tell The Dentist we said that) from the movie and if you are a fan this would be great on your shelf.


Jack Torrance

The Shining

The Shining was one of the big hits of 1980 and this particular Jack Torrance is awesome. There are a few different Jack Funko Pop figures out there, but here at the Garrison City Toy Works, we really love this one. It is from the part in the movie when Jack has well and truly lost it and he is chasing his family down with the ax. Truly one of the most iconic scenes of any 80’s movie.


Bob Ross

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

There is nothing more relaxing than watching an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross just before bedtime and having a little Bob Ross Funko Pop figure on your shelf is a great way to show your love for the show. We have many different Bob Ross Pop figures in our Funko Pop Shop so picking just one was really hard. We though felt that Bob Ross with Raccoon deserved some special attention. Not only does he come with a little raccoon he is also holding an awesome painting that you just know he did in 20 minutes or less.


Trap Jaw

Masters of the Universe

You do not get much more covered in 80’s nostalgia than Masters of the Universe. While He-Man and Skeletor will be the obvious choices. We decided to go for one of the enemies that He-Man, Man at Arms and Teela would have to put in their place on a regular basis, Trap Jaw. Trap Jaw is really awesome, he has his powered up arm, his metal jaw, and his awesome little speedo!


There are many more Pop figures from the 80’s coming soon. So make sure you keep checking back here or on other Funko Pop coming soon lists to see what other gems from the 80’s Funko has in store for us.


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