The Best Funko Pop 2 Packs

Donald Schrempf

The Best Funko Pop 2 Packs

As you know there is what feels like a million Funko Pop figures out there right now and a million more Funko Pop coming soon. Here at Garrison City Toy Works, we take a lot of pride in our range of Funko Pop vinyl and we are always looking to add new ones to our Funko Pop catalog.


The single Pop figures are awesome, but we have a real soft spot for some of the cool two packs. We thought that we would have a little bit of fun by asking around the Garrison City Toy Works office to find out what 2 packs we like the best.


Rocket Raccoon vs Mega Man

This is an awesome 2 pack from Marvel vs Capcom and Funko have captured both these guys perfectly. This is Mega Man X and he looks unlike any of his other Funko Pops that have been released so far. We think what makes this such a great set is that Rocket Raccoon seems a really random character from Marvel vs Capcom to put in a set with Mega Man X, but we love it!


Batman & Joker: Surfs Up

This one here can be a little tricky to track down, but we love this Surfs Up 2 pack featuring The Joker and Batman. They have done some great Pop vinyl figures of the classic Batman TV series. This set here captures the campy and iconic moment when the Dark Knight and the Clown Price…. Surfed. The figures come with surfboards and are even wearing swim shorts.


Freddy Kruger vs Jason Voorhees

Next up we have two horror icons in this Box Lunch exclusive set. Whenever we see a new Funko Pop coming soon list we always know that horror Pops will be on it. You may think that you have seen these Freddy and Jason figures before, but if you take a closer look you will see that these two have clearly been on a rampage at Camp Crystal Lake and Elm Street as they are covered in blood splatter!



Hot Ryu & Violent Ken

Wow, how is this even a thing??? Just when you think that Funko cannot add any more crazy Pop figures to their Funko Pop Catalog they go and drop something like this. Hot Ryu from Street Fighter V is a really funny character and the fact that Funko made him is awesome as that beard sure does make him look extra hunky! Then we have Violent Ken who is such an obscure character that it is awesome they made him in plastic form.


She-Hulk & Spider Gwen

Here we have one that at first glance does not look all that special, but this Barnes & Nobel’s exclusive 2 pack features a whole lot of girl power with two of the coolest ladies from Marvel comics. We are not 100 percent sure that these are all that different from the single pack She-Hulk and Spider Gwen’s we have seen, but it is still a fun and awesome 2 pack and it is going to be one that we have a feeling is really hard to track down in the future.



Now, these are just four of the many, many two packs that are out there. We love how many 2 packs are part of the Funko Pop catalog and we would love to know what one’s you guys love. Also, let us know what 2 packs you hope to see in the future so that you can add them to your pop vinyl connection.

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