The Best Disney Princess Funko POP Gift Ideas

Donald Schrempf

The Best Disney Princess Funko POP Gift Ideas

Disney has been very well represented in our Funko Pop catalog. With more and more Disney Princess fans jumping on the Funko Pumpkin Carriage. We have made sure to have the best Disney Princess Funko Pop vinyl figures around. If you are looking to add another Disney Princess to your Funko Pop collection or looking for the perfect gift, here are our picks.




You cannot go wrong with a butt kicking Scottish lass who is every bit as tough as she is beautiful. Merida is one of the most popular Disney Pops we offer. This figure features her lovely green dress and her long curly red hair. However, as well as this Merida has her bow and arrow so that she is ready for action!




No doubt as you have seen, Rapunzel is on many Funko Pop coming soon lists as Disney love making her. This Rapunzel figure that is part of our Funko Pop Catalog is a little different. She has her lovely dress, but this one also features her long flowing hair and it has some very nice floral decorations in it. This is a huge upgrade from the first Rapunzel figure that Funko made.



Alice in Wonderland

We are surprised that it took as long as it did for Funko to make a classic Alice figure from Alice in Wonderland, one of the most beloved Disney Classics. What we love about this Pop vinyl figure is that it captures Alice perfectly. There are no gimmicks here, this is as classic Alice as you can get and if you love old school Disney, this figure has to be in your collection.




Disney has made a few different figures from Aladdin and with a new movie and actually a series of cute Funko Pops coming soon, Aladdin is going to be very well represented in the world of Funko. Some may think of Jasmine in her classic blue dress. But we really do love this Jasmine in red in her red dress. It really makes the figure stand out from all the others and great if you want something that is a little bit different from all the other Jasmine figures and dolls that are on the market.



The Little Mermaid

How can you not love Ariel? We do also offer Ariel in her mermaid form, but there is no denying that this Ariel with gown is one of the most lovely Funko pop figures we offer. She is not only wearing a very nice two-tone pink gown. The way that Funko has sculpted this really makes it look like it is flowing.


There are a ton of different Disney Princess figures from Funko. We also know that there are ton listed on all the Funko Pop coming soon lists that are out there. Still, we can promise you that all of the Disney Princess Funko Pop figures we have listed today would look great in your collection or the collection of a friend who is a lover of all things Disney Princesses.


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