Show that You Are A Hero Or A Villain With Our T-Shirts

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Show that You Are A Hero Or A Villain With Our T-Shirts

We love to have all kinds of geeky collectibles here at Garrison City Toy Works, but if you come to our office, you will notice we love our t-shirts as well.

We have worked really hard to bring some of the best heroes and villains t-shirts here and today we are sharing with you what a few of our favorites are.


Spiderman Venom Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt

Most of us here love Venom and this really cool looking Venom t-shirt is a firm favorite of us guys in the office. We also have some awesome Spider-Man designs as well so you can be a hero or villain. Our favorite Venom design is the all black with the white Venom eyes and mouth. For Spidey, we have to go for the white with the simplistic Spider-Man mask design. In total as of right now, we have nearly 10 different Spider-Man and Venom t-shirts for you to check out, but those are our two favorites.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Character Outline T-Shirt

We have a few different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirts for you to look at, but one that one particular member of the Garrison City Toy Works team likes to wear a lot is this one here. This is a white t-shirt with pencil style outlines of all your favorite TMNT characters. The bottom half features the Turtles along with the ultimate vigilante, Casey Jones. The top has Shredder along with Bebop & Rocksteady. These are great drawings and they look like the kind of thing you would have doodled on the back of your math book back in 1987!


The Flash Authentic Vintage Print T-Shirt

We also love DC here and we really love this Flash t-shirt. The Flash is one of the most awesome characters that DC has and if you ask us The Flash TV show is one of the best DC shows on the air right now. This shirt though is based on the classic Flash, this is what many of us picture in our mind when we think of old school Barry Allen. What is really neat is that the whole shirt is done in an old-timey kind of way so you could totally imagine someone wearing this back in the ’80s.


Spiderman Jarvis Full Sleeves T-shirt

We also have some cool long sleeve t-shirts for you to consider. This Jarvis themed Spider-Man long sleeve t-shirt is really awesome. It is black and the Spider-Man logo (which looks like the one he would put on walls to let villains know they were in trouble) is very understated and has a cool look to it. This is a more “grown-up” kind of hero t-shirt and it is something that we think would look great on you or even as a gift for a person you know who loves Spider-Man.


These are just a small example of some of the awesome heroes and villains t-shirts that we have here at Garrison City Toy works. We are always looking to add more and as you have noticed our prices on our t-shirts as so great that you will not need to hit up Tony Stark to get a loan to buy one.



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