Re-discover Halloween As An Adult

Donald Schrempf


Halloween is this authors favorite holiday. As a Kid I remember the cool crisp air, the bright moon against the dark sky and all the anticipation of being a kid on Trick or Treat. What would I dress up as this year? Fast forward years later and all my kids are all grown up and Halloween is just not what it used to be. That is until I had the idea to decorate my house and transform my garage into a walk through haunted house. The excitement had returned. Not only did I get to see all the neighborhood kids in costume I got to see the excitement when I asked them if they were interested in the free Haunted House. Total return to the Halloween glory days.

So how did I do it? I found some great costumes for myself and my three teenage children. We sectioned off our two car garage in a manner that forced the foot traffic through the way we intended. I added some spooky music, dim lights, fake spider webs and a fog machine complete with strobe light. (Click here for some Halloween Decoration Suggestions) It was epic. Pretty soon word spread and we had a line about 20 kids deep. The following year we added more people and some additional props and the kids kept coming in droves. So much fun to share our creation with the world. 

We expanded our celebration to include a party on the night after Halloween. We docrated our house in true Halloween fashion with pumpkins, ghosts, and again some great halloween music. Here is a link for some great indoor decorations that are sure to scare up some fun.

In Summary you can have fun with Halloween again. How do you celebrate Halloween as an adult? 

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