How Do You Choose The Best Backpacks for School?

Donald Schrempf

Yes it is already time for back to school planning. How Do You Choose The Best Backpacks For School? I have asked myself this many times. As a father of five children I have purchased the cheap Walmart backpack all the way up to the top of the line back to school backpacks. Which one was the best? Tough to say. It depends on the child and how tough they are on the backpack. The backpack is the single most item that will work the hardest for your child this school year. Backpacks are used everyday to carry books, clothes, sporting goods, cell phones, and whatever else your child decides or needs to the lug from home to school and back. Kids leave backpacks on the floor to be trampled, toss them in their locker, or just downright throw them through the air. The fact is, children are typically dishing out some serious damage on these backpacks. 

So what bag do you buy? There are many options and many price points to during the back to school season. The one thing this author recommends is that quality does count. Cheap trendy bags are sure to rip, tear at the seams, or simply fall apart based on your child's handling and we should assume the bag will see some serious shock and vibe. So you may be saving a few bucks but in the end you will need to purchase another bag at christmas time to make it through the year. That isn't how we save money. 


To look for a quality back to school back pack follow these 3 simple guidelines:

  • Watch out for uneven or careless stitching that could easily come undone.



  • Raw or frayed fabric edges could unravel the seams
  • Pass on zippers that are openly exposed to weather. Instead, opt for zippers that have fabric flaps over them to keep water and other elements out of the backpack.

Following these guidelines can ensure that you have a backpack that can pass the test of time and the wear and tear of being handling in a rough manner. 

Our recommendations are listed below. Under armour really delivers on both cost and quality. We have tried and tested these bags through a real school year in our own home. We are sure these bags would meet the challenge head on and last through the entire school year. 

For the scrapping young lad we recommend the Under Armour XStorm. These bags are designed to take a licking and keep on ticking. 

Available in multiple styles and colors with the same great quality. UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability .Soft-lined laptop sleeve—holds up to 15” MacBook Pro or similarly sized laptop .Adjustable HeatGear shoulder straps .Padded back panel for total comfort .2 zip-shut main compartments with 1 quick-stash pocket at the front .Mesh water bottle pocket on both sides .Top grip handle .Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 8.5" .Volume: 1,836 Cubic In. / 26.5 L . 
For your little diva we match quality with knowing its all about the fashion! The UA Storm Girl's line really delivers on cost and quality. 
Available in multiple styles and colors. UA Storm technology delivers an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish. Padded back panel & contoured adjustable straps for total comfort. Multiple interior organizational pockets help you stay organized. Tricot lined phone pocket & two side water bottle pockets. Reflective tab increases visibility in low-light settings. Dimensions: 11" x 5.3" x 16". Volume: 1,800 Cubic In.
Please let us know if you have tried these bags or if you have any questions or comments on our recommendations. Happy back to school.

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