Have A Killer Halloween Entranceway For Trick or Treat

Donald Schrempf

We constantly get asked where did you get all those amazing props and decorations. Some of them are our own design but most of them are from Halloween Express. Always a Free Shipping Option at Halloween Express! 


Tombstone Skullface RIP Tombstone RIP Tombstone


First of all you have to have great tombstones. Building the graveyard in the front yard makes for a real creepy entrance to your Halloween of party horrors. I selected a few of our favorites from the selection at Halloween Express. There are just too many to list at too many different price points. You cannot go wrong. Check them out today. 


Foggy Skull Tombstone
I especially like the fog emitting tombstones. This is an added touch that leaves a great fog look throughout your graveyard. Just an added spooky touch. 
Fog Machine
Speaking of fog machines, you absolutely have to have the fog machine. This baby pumps some serious fog blanketing the area around it. Super cool and a must have for setting the Halloween Mood.  Professional Fog Fluid is recommended as it lasts longer and is a little thicker than what you will readily find. 


CD Halloween Music Collection
Adding the audible touch is key. A solid Halloween soundtrack playing in the background is sure to make your guests pause before they enter you party of Horrors. 
Pumpkin Reaper Airblown 12ft
Adding props are up to your budget. Halloween Express offers blow up creatures, animated robotics, lawn ornaments, bloody window dressings, etc. How far will you take your Haunted endeavor is up to you and your budget. 


Scary costumes for a haunted experience cannot go without mention. A few well placed actors in costume can make anyone pause to enter your haunted domain. We used witches, skeleton costumes, Pumpkin Head, Wolf masks, and Clown costumes to complete our haunted garage over the years. With a great imagination and the right props you are sure to be the talk of the town on Trick or Treat. 




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