Funko Pops That Give You Holiday Cheer

Donald Schrempf

Funko Pops That Give You Holiday Cheer

Thanks for checking out our Funko Pop Shop! We are huge fans just like you and today we are taking a break from looking at the Funko Pop coming soon section and instead are looking at the Funko Pops that are all about Christmas. We are getting closer and closer to the holidays and these our favorite festive Funko Pop figures.


Clark Griswold

Christmas Vacation

If you go to a Funko Pop store during the holidays you are bound to see Clark Griswold the main man of the Griswold family and guy most of us can relate to. Christmas Vacation is a real classic and this Funko Pop we are talking about features Clark with his Christmas outfit and best of all his Wally World mug filled with Egg Nog.


Holiday Groot


We have lost count at how many different Groot figures there are. We are always thinking about what Groot we can add next to our Funko Pop Shop! Anyway, this one is Baby Groot and he is hanging out in his plant pot. What makes this Groot so festive though is the way that he is covered in Christmas decorations. How can you not love Baby Groot? Even more so how you can you not love Baby Groot covered in decorations!


Charlie Brown


You will not find this one here on any Funko Pop Coming soon list and chances of finding it in a Funko Pop store are quite low too. The reason for that is that this version of Charlie Brown is wearing his itchy Christmas sweater and he was originally a Pop In A Box exclusive so if you are a Funko Pop collector you may have a hard time tracking him down. We put him on this list as he is one of the more obscure holiday Funko Pops.


Santa Yoda

Star Wars

There are a few different Star Wars Christmas Funko Pops and picking just one was really tough, but we went for Santa Yoda. Santa Yoda is all dressed up as Santa, but the interesting thing is that he has a sack that we assume is filled with presents. You have to wonder what kind of presents does Santa Yoda give people? Maybe a new lightsaber for Luke? A blaster for Han? Or a new Porg buddy for Chewie?


Buddy Elf (chase)


Last, but by no means least is Buddy from Elf. How can you not love the movie Elf? There is a whole series of Funk Pops dedicated to Elf and the regular Pop of Buddy Elf is awesome. However, we feel that the chase version that was released gives a little bit more holiday cheer. To start with he is holding a present, but it is the more dynamic and fun loving pose that he has which makes his chase figure the one to get.


These are just five of the amazing Christmas figures that we love. Please check out our Funko Pop Shop if you are wanting to know what we have and what special offers we have going in our Funko Pop Store. Please let us know what your favorite Christmas Funko Pop figure is and please keep checking what Funko Pop coming soon we have as we are always adding new Pops! One that fits today’s list perfectly is our awesome 2 pack of Heat Miser and Snow Miser from the Year Without Santa Claus.


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