Funko Pop Insanity - Are you Infected?

Donald Schrempf

Are you like me? I have sooooo many Funko Pop Figures and cannot get enough of my favorite pop culture icons. I had to purchase a Funko POP Display Case to display my collection. Just organizes it better and looks neater than leaving them stacked on my dresser. How do you display your collection?

It is actually hard for me to find some of the POP Vinyls that I want. There are however so many different avenues to search for a new favorite POP. Obviously we have a great selection on our site but there are many other ways to find your new collectible POP Vinyl. Where do you find your Funko Favorites? 

Amazon has a great selection at great prices but the shipping damage is horrible. If you do not care about the box then Amazon is a great choice. If you are like me and want to display your POP Vinyl in its original container you are taking a huge chance ordering through Amazon's site. Most sellers do not double box the goodies therefore leaving you with a damaged carton. We at Garrison City Toy Works always double box our POP's. 


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