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Funko Pop Gift Ideas

One of our favorite things that we stock here at Garrison City Toy Works is our collection of Pop Vinyl figures from Funko. When it comes to getting a cool, fun and good gift for a family member or a buddy, you really cannot go wrong with one of the charming and awesome items from our Funko Pop catalog.

Here are a few suggestions from around the Garrison City Toy Works office of Funko Pop figures that would make for a great gift.


For The Disney Fan

We have a large selection of Disney Funko Pops so narrowing this down is going to be hard. You cannot go wrong with Winnie The Pooh from the new Christopher Robin movie, but if you feel Winnie is a little too predictable, consider his gloomy buddy, Eeyore. We also have Belle from Beauty And The Beast, this particular one is a little different as she is holding the rose. However, if you really want to blow a Disney fan away and get them something different, we think our Hercules-Baby Pegasus is ideal. It is Disney, fun, cute and not something you get a lot of merchandise for.


For The Marvel Fan

There are so many Marvel Funko Pop Vinyl figures you would need the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier to hold them all. What we feel would be the perfect gift for a Marvel fan is our awesome, Thanos pop figure. With this, you can threaten to snap your fingers when someone disagrees with your opinion on the MCU! In our Funko Pop Coming Soon section, we have a bunch of fantastic new figures based on Venom. The symbiote has taken over characters like Deadpool and Iron Man. These figures are a ton of fun and sure to be a big hit so keep an eye on them.


For The Horror Fan

Horror pops are insanely popular! We have some really cool ones that will be great in any horror fans collection. A couple that we really like are first of all Pennywise from the new IT movie. This particular Pennywise has Georgie’s boat….. and we all know how that ends up! If the person you are buying a gift for is a bit more of an old-school horror fan then they will get a real kick out of our Pinhead from Hellraiser figure. This one is from Hellraiser III and he comes with the puzzle box, just make sure you do not try to solve it as if you release the Cenobites that is on you, not us!


For The Star Wars Fan

There are a ton of Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyl figures out there and your first instinct may be to go for one of the more obvious characters like Luke or Darth Vader. However, we feel that a more unknown character like C2-B5 from the Star Wars Rogue One movie is the way to go. This little droid is super adorable and a character that many Star Wars fans will not have anything of in their collection which would make it a fantastic gift. We are going to be working harder than Chewie getting those engines on the Falcon running to add more Star Wars pops to our Funko Pop Catalog.


These are just a few of the great gift ideas we have for you. Please check out our whole section and we promise that we will have plenty more Funko Pop coming soon announcements of all the awesome Pop figures we are going to stock! We want to be your Funko Pop Shop.

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