Arcade Classics In Nostalgic Arcade Machine Fashion

Donald Schrempf

Remember the times? I used to have a paper route that I worked hard at to make a little spending money at fourteen years old. Seventy five total papers per day. What was I using this money for? To peddle my ten speed down to the beach and fill the arcade change machine with every penny I earned. I would bring my own cup with me to catch the tokens for ease of carry. The smell of cotton candy in the background coupled with the salt mist blowing in from the ocean can still bring me back. I would insert token after to token into my favorite arcade game challenging myself to land the high score for the week. My name listed on the top ten list so I could brag to my friends about what I had accomplished.

With the creation of the home console the excitement of the arcade has dwindled. That doesn't mean you cannot create your own experience. Maybe minus the cotton candy and the salt mist but maybe you live near the ocean and you have an at home cotton candy machine. There are now many title being added to the at home stand up arcade collection available for purchase. Imagine creating your own at home classic arcade. Oh the possibilities! 

It use to cost thousands to purchase a classic stand up arcade game which made it unattainable for most budgets. There is now an option for standup arcade games under $500 bucks per console. I included some of my favorites below. What is your favorite title? Which arcade machine will you choose?


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