60% Off For A Limited Time - Electronic Nerf Shooting Targets

Donald Schrempf

60% Off For A Limited Time - Electronic Nerf Shooting Targets 

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Nerf Electronic Shooting Targets

Add an automatic shooting gallery to your Nerf collection. Sounds and automatic movement provide hours of enjoyment for the Nerf enthusiast in your home. 

The shooting target moves on a track, Practice Fast paced trick shots while keeping score. An exciting challenge for the Nerf Master in your home. The targets are responsive to each hit and the sounds are hilarious. 

Great target! Super fun. Nerf gun shooting gallery, Auto refresh sets the targets back up and counts to keep track of how many times you’ve cleared the targets. And stands them back up automatically. You will run out of ammo first.

At 60% OFF this one is a complete steal at this price. Perfect for curing boredom!

Add some of these great NERF ITEMS and make this a day to remember when the box arrives. 

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